Meet Elisa

heiter magazine had the chance to speak to Elisa, the woman behind press_liz. In the interview below you can find out more about the German artist and her work as illustrator.

illustrator art

Tell us a little bit about you

My name is Elisa, I am 28 years old and live in Friedrichshagen, a cosy area at the outskirts of Berlin where you can also find Lake Müggelsee. It is very peaceful and green here and it is certainly where my roots are.

When did you decide to become an illustrator?

I never actually decided to become one, I would say it was a lovely coincidence. About two and a half years ago I felt that I should do something creative. By this time I didn’t even know what it was and if I’d be good at it. I simply grabbed my mum’s old painting kit, bought some colour and paper and started to paint. I guess that was the moment I subconsciously decided to become an artist.

What inspires you?

I am mostly inspired by nature. Growing up as part of a family of Rangers meant living in the middle of the forest. The forest with all its plant and animal life is still the place where I feel most comfortable and I also let that come through in my illustrations.

nature inspiration drawing

Three words that best describe your style:

Inspired by nature.

What techniques do you use for your work?

I am very fascinated by water colours. Seeing how water and colour work together and what contours they create is truly fascinating and somehow magical. I also recently discovered oil pastels, it’s very exciting to see how you can add so much expression with only a few simple strokes. One can change a face or add more depth to a landscape with only a few tweaks. Sometimes I also like it very simple and I turn to ink and quill.  

What are your favourite motifs when you draw or paint and why?

Pine trees. In many of my illustrations one can find trees but the green conifer, with its beautiful pine cones and healing effects has a special place in my heart. The moon is another, I’ve lost count of how many moons I have actually painted. I try to be more fluid in my interpretation of it but it will always be a special and prominent motif.  

moon illustration art

Where can people find your work?

I share a lot of my illustrations on Instagram and I also try to update my online shop frequently however, sometimes it takes a little bit longer until I come round to share my new collections online. As an artist I am also listed at ArtboxOne, where you can find some of my images as prints.  

What are the next steps for you and your business?

Instagram and many questions I receive about my work have encouraged me to pass something on to the world. I am an autodidact and I believe that art is not always linked to talent. A lot of it is down to the joy and excitement you feel when you create something, it is for that reason I decided to start my hashtag project #comeinandfindart about a year ago. The idea was to create a community that inspires each other as well as a platform for any kind of art.

The best advice someone has given you for your creative work.

It should make you happy, the rest doesn’t matter.

How would you describe the perfect heiter (cheerful) moment?

Coming home after a long walk in the forest, making myself a cup of coffee and turning the things seen on the walk into a painting or drawing. That’s the perfect heiter moment for me.



Instagram: press_liz