This week heiter had a chat with Katy Gladman Tomillero, a London based Womenswear Designer who is currently working on her final collection at London College of Fashion

What was the inspiration for your final collection?

The collection is called (Im)Perfection. The inspiration behind it is fuelled by a morbid curiosity; from Cabinets of Curiosities, medical specimens, decay and imperfections of the human body such as deformity, disfigurement and other abnormalities. Artists such as Jenny Saville, Joel Peter Witkin and Per Johansen have all provided valuable inspiration and focus. The overall concept is underpinned by body image. Reflecting the pressures felt by women to uphold an unrealistic beauty standard. With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery, women are taking increasingly drastic action to maintain and manipulate their bodies, in order to sustain these socially constructed ideals. To turn something perceived as ‘ugly’ into something ‘beautiful’ and the idea of preserving ones appearance have all contributed to the inspiration of my collection.

What are significant details of (Im)Perfection?

The collection displays a lot of asymmetry and pleats. The fabric is displaced by cuts and slashes thus giving an imperfect appearance and invoking a reinterpretation of ‘beauty’. The bold print which I created adds beautiful colour to the collection.

What labels are in line with your brand?

My brand shares influences from Japanese designers - one of my favourites is Yohji Yamamoto. However I see my brand in alignment with independent boutiques found on Brick Lane for example; Micol Ragni and Ilaria Lepore.

Who wears your garments?

My consumer has a style that is independent, individualistic, comfortable (at times) and eclectic. She displays a less is more attitude, choosing to spend a little more on an item that has better quality and design, rather than purchasing a lot of ‘throwaway fashion’.

What's next?

I am interested to get further experience in a company similar to my own style and ethos, while continuing to work on my own brand and begin to sell pieces via my website which is currently under construction. After 4 long years of study, I'm excited to see what is next for Katy Gladman Tomillero. 

What do you like about new beginnings?

The feeling that anything is possible!

Your favourite part about Spring:

The positivity and excitement that comes with the lighter and increasingly warmer nights, the bloom of new seasonal flowers and smell of fresh cut grass … and the decluttering of my flat with the much needed spring clean.

Katy will launch her own website soon. In the meanwhile her work can be found on http://showtime.arts.ac.uk/KatyTomillero